For a true taste of Dublin…The Whiskey Corner Bar & Restaurant

The first thing one might notice when stepping foot in Dublins’ fair city is the sheer choice of places to eat! Dublin has experienced some what of a rebirth, our palate’s tweaked and curious for new flavors and tastes. Although a distant memory, it seems, we can certainly thank the Celtic Tiger for raising the bar and expectations when we dine out, and if you are a self proclaimed ‘foodie’ then Dublin is your mecca! For such a small city, Dublin offers a plethora of dining options, from home produced Irish fare to spices of the Orient, there is a bounty of flavor waiting to be discovered! 

Tonight see’s the launch of the Whiskey Corner bar & restaurant. If good old fashioned, hearty Irish fare is what you seek then look no further. Diners are in for a surprise, a mouth watering menu, offering fantastic variety…with a twist! It’s no secret that us Dubliners’ enjoy a ‘sup of whiskey’ from time to time, so when the moment was upon us to draft up a tasty and indeed unique menu, that’s when the real fun began! Our resident chef, along with skilled whiskey pro’s decided upon a menu that was not only delicious, but truely authentic, offering the local and tourist alike, a taste of Ireland! Fancy yourself as a bit of a Whiskey enthusiast? Or are you more of a novice hoping to discover a little bit more? Or, heck, just plain hungry and curious to try something new? The Whiskey corner bar & restaurant is the ideal place to pop in for a meal with friends, a romantic evening or for our corporate guests, a perfect way to impress your clients from overseas! 

The restaurant itself is located on the ground floor of the hotel, taking a step into the warm and inviting dining room you will see our fully stocked whiskey bar, with every imaginable whiskey under the sun! Every whiskey connoisseur’s dream! Linen table cloths and soft candlelight add to the relaxed ambiance,  and with our Whiskey expert onsite to assist you with choosing the perfect whiskey pairing, you are in the best hands possible!

Each of the dishes available on the menu have been carefully chosen and paired with an appropriate whiskey. However, if you are feeling adventurous you can select the whiskey of your choice! 

So, on that note, we welcome you to come, sit back and be our guest at the Whiskey Corner Bar & Restaurant…you are in for a treat! 

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