• “a word, phrase, or expression characteristic of theIrish


They say the Emerald Isle shines with 40 shades of green, well the same can be said about the habits and ‘ticks’ of the Irish!


Whether it be Tayto sandwiches or the never ceasing battle of Lyons vs Barry’s, there are just some things that makes us, well, ultimately Irish!

For me, nothing defines our nation quite like our ‘gift of the gab’! We Irish, Dubliners in particular, love nothing more than the opportunity to voice our opinion and have a good chat!

We have, along the way, invented a tongue all of our own! No doubt a visitor in the city could easily become a little perplexed, so… for those planning a trip to this lovely little island, perhaps these translations may be of assistance!


  1. Good Morning– “Top of the morning to ye“, “Story horse
  2. Hello, how are you?– “What’s the story?” /“What’s the craic?
  3. Everything is good– “All’s Top drawer” / “Bleedin Deadly“,/ “I’m pulling the devil by the tail
  4. GoodBye– “I’ll love ye and leave ye
  5. Off you go– “On your bike
  6. House– ‘Gaff’
  7. The Boss– ‘The Gaffer
  8. A cup of tea– “Cup of scald
  9. Not a bit– ‘Not a screed
  10. Be Quiet– “Hold yer whist”
  11. An unattractive girl– “Not even the tide would take her out
  12. Be careful– “Sleep with yer good eye open
  13. Settling for very little– ‘Scraping the bottom of the barrell
  14. I have something to tell you– ‘C’mere till I tell ye
  15. Someone who has a grumpy face– ‘Face like a well chewed toffee
  16. Taste this– ‘Get yer laughing gear around this
  17. To have no luck– ‘sure ye couldn’t win an argument
  18. Messing or misbehaving– ‘acting the maggot
  19. To be embarrassed– ‘I was scarlet
  20. Your father– ‘ould fella
  21. Someone from the countryside– ‘Muck savage
  22. Someone from Dublin– ‘Jackeen
  23. Are you serious?– ‘Are you havin a laugh / Are you havin me on / Pull the other one


If the phrases weren’t confusing enough we also have our own slant on more commonly used expressions! Such as our complete and utter unawareness of time scales, e.g…absolutely EVERYTHING happened “the other day”. There is a high probability that the event in question happened weeks/months or even years ago!


So on that note, keep your eyes and ears open the next time you stroll through the city streets…

You might just find yourself returning home with a few Irishism’s all of your own 🙂




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