Fun Activitity To Do In Dublin City Centre This Easter

Wax Museum

It’s almost that time of year again… Easter Holidays! Keeping the kids entertained whilst they are off school can be a challenging and daunting task but there are some fantastic affordable options available in the heart of Dublin guaranteed to keep the children (and adults!) entertained.

Home to some of the most famous national, and international stars, the Wax Museum (located in Fosters Place, Temple Bar) is an ideal and fun activity for all the family and provides a welcome opportunity to pop into Dublin city.

Over the Easter break, from Saturday 28th of March to Easter Sunday 5th of April, the museum will have a fun Easter egg hunt going on. Easter eggs will be scattered in hidden locations throughout the museum for kids (and maybe adults too!) to hunt for. It’ll add an extra element of fun to a tour already brimming with fun and excitement!

But of course they also have plenty for the adults. Easter is coincidentally a time of year that quite a few events of note in Irish history occurred. You can visit our Easter 1916 Rising exhibit to see the brave men and women who fought for our country’s independence. Sticking with the theme of significant events in Irish history, you have to check out the Good Friday Agreement room. Inside stand the politicians who set their differences aside to come together and sign the agreement that signalled the end of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland.

Aside from the seasonally relevant exhibits and going’s on, they also have a large variety of exhibits to suit everyone’s taste. Irish history, culture, children’s world, science & discovery zone, chamber of horrors, wax factor studios and much more, they really do have something for everyone. Be sure to visit over the Easter break with the whole family and let them know Temple Bar Hotel sent you!

For more information on the Wax Museum, click here.


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