Trad Fest 2015!

“Trad Fest – A Festival showcasing the full spectrum of of traditional and folk music in some of Dublin City’s most unique venues.”


The annual Trad Fest celebrates its 10th birthday this month (28th Jan – 1st Feb) with a stellar line-up of top Irish traditional & folk-music artists performing in an intimate and unique venues in the heart of Dublin.

Acts, such as, The Undertones, Mick Flannery, Cara Dillon Donovan, Hot House Flowers and many more will grace the stages of venues throughout Dublin on various dates. The Trad Fest provides a rare opportunity for Irish music fans to see these successful acts in a initimate and memeorable setting.

This year we are delighted to host renowned Irish singer Paddy Casey, who will perform in Buskers Bar on 29th January at 6pm. Tickets are FREE and are available now from


Paddy Casey Pink


A little festive retail therapy!

So, its official, December has landed! 🙂 We are on the countdown to the big day, and boy are we excited!

Due to the mild climate this year the festive feeling has taken a little longer than normal to kick in, but with the Late Late Toy Show screening this past Friday, there is no denying it now, 24 days left until we are tucking into the annual feast of turkey and ham! Bring it on!

For me nothing says Christmas quite like sitting down with a mug of hot chocolate, shopping bags over flowing with goodies, and a purged credit card! Bliss! 🙂 With buskers singing Christmas carols, Bewleys Christmas window and the smell of cinnamon steaming from the abundance of cafes, Dublin really is a great city to “do” Christmas! So why not push the boat out and make a night of it! Here at the Temple Bar Hotel, we are currently offering an overnight stay from €68 based on two people sharing! Now that is a steal! Shop til you drop then why not finish your evening in our for a well deserved hot whiskey 🙂 Brilliant!

For availability why not contact our reservations team on or call +353 (0)1 677 3333


Festivities with the Temple Bar Hotel & Christmas FM!

So. It’s official! … 30 Days Until Christmas and here at the Temple Bar Hotel we couldn’t be more excited! 😀

This weekend sees the kick off our Christmas Party Season and we cannot wait to open the doors and welcome the first of our party goers! It goes without saying the list of Christmas hits have been banging out here, like most office spaces since early November. Yes, we got a touch carried away! No radio station does Christmas quite like Christmas FM! With frequencies as below; Great music and all for a fantastic cause, with this years charity being Age Action! So tune in and enjoy the sounds of the season 🙂

 Area Frequency 
 Dublin City & County  94.3 FM
 Kildare  88.1 FM
 North Wicklow  99.5 FM
 Cork City & part County  106.7 FM
 Galway City & part County  89.5 FM
 Limerick City & part County  105.5 FM
 South East  103.8 FM
 North East  101.6 FM
 North Midlands  99.4 FM

Food Glorious Food…

As lunch time approaches and my belly rumbles I am faced with the daily dilema of lunch time options!

Another bland and boring salad or even better, a meal deal?!…Pfff! With a plethora of eateries within the city one can feel a little bewildered when it comes to the choice of tasty, good value lunch options (in a hurry) let’s face it wasting fifteen precious minutes of a one hour lunch break is sacrilege!

So that’s where we at the Temple Bar Hotel step in to assist 🙂 … Buskers bar have launched their brand new menu! And guys, it tastes as good as it looks! *top button pops*. With a wide selection of dishes, everything from a hearty soup & sandwich to a more filling Full Irish Fry Up(for those days when nothing else will do). For those of you watching your waistline, fear not! Buskers Bar Menu also offers lighter options such as smoked salmon salad or our veggie curry! Check out our full menu here! …

Between the great selection of food on offer paired with the city centre location, why not pop into us here at Buskers for a spot of lunch or even a bite to eat after work…did I mention we serve a great pint also at just 4.45EUR! The cheapest pint in Temple Bar! 🙂

We look forward to seeing you!…


Visit Dublin’s Darker Side this Halloween! …

Dublin is a city steeped in a rich cultural and historical background. With an abundance of fables and tales it is the perfect base for a truly authentic Halloween experience! … So if you are in the city this Halloween weekend, why not check out some of the below spots … if you dare!…

Haunted Landmarks

Kilmainham Gaol

One of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Kilmainham Gaol is known for an infamous game of cards played between prisoneers with a new inmate. Legend suggests that this young man’s winning hand was making the other prisoneers suspicious, he dropped a card and when one of the other players bent down to pick it up, the hoofs of the devil were spotted under the table. The young inmate left the room, and was never seen in the prison again. The room were the game of cards was played has mysteriously gone on fire several times. Several visitors to the jail have claimed to see strange and macabre shadows in photographs snapped!

Trinity College

Trinity College, one of the city’s most monumental buildings, boosts a dark history filled with ghostly apparitions. The College grounds are said to be visited by a one Dr Samuel Clossey, the infamous head of the practise of medicine in Trinity 1786 – 1803. Legend has it that he robbed graves to indulge in his own experiments after college hours. Two medical students disappeared during his time teaching. It’s been said that his ghost can be seen walking the halls of Trinity carrying an amputation kit and organs.

Bram Stokers House

Author of the classic “Dracula”, as if the book wasn’t enough to keep you awake at night, there have been apparent sightings of the man himself! Rumour has it that his shadow has been seen in the window at night writing by candlelight.

Howth Harbour Lighthouse

The Lighthouse at Howth Harbour is said to be haunted by the ghost of a 3 year old and her father who were washed out to sea back in the 1800’s.The ghost of the father has been spotted on the shore calling to his infant and locals have claimed to hear the cries of the child.

Malahide Castle

The beautiful former residence of the Talbot family is now haunted by a ghost of one of the former watchmen, Puck, who fell asleep and didn’t see the enemies coming. He took his own life in shame and has been haunting the place ever since.

Another version of this story states Puck was a servant who fell in love with a noblewoman. One night he was found stabbed through the heart. Apparently he managed to announce his intentions to haunt the castle before he died and has done so ever since.

Dublin Castle

Located in the centre of Dublin, invaders to this castle were beheaded and displayed on the castle wall as a deterrent to others.

Hundreds of decapitated bodies are buried beneath the castle. Their vengeful souls are said to still roam the castle. Tour guides have reported poltergeist activity.



Portobello Harbour Bridge

This bridge in Rathmines is said to be haunted by a vicious ghost of a lock-keeper. Blamed for the deaths of a number of passengers of a public transport cart, he drowned himself in shame. His ghost still appears at the bridge as a warning to passers by.


Olympia Theathre

The famous city centre theatre is said to have its own poltergeist, a troubled spirit. Doors and windows have been known to rattle violently in this theatre, and once a dressing room was virtually destroyed by an unknown presence.

Haunted Churches


Religious sites are often the subject of paranormal activity, and with many religious establishments throughout the city, Dublin is every ghouls playground! A number of well known churches throughout the city are known to be frequented by visitors from “the other side”.

St Audoen’s Church

This Polish chaplaincy is said to be a home to a ghostly haunt of lepers. The area outside the church is said to be a home to Darky Kelly, a woman executed for killing her unborn child along with several of her lovers.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

The famous Dublin landmark has its own ghost too. A Newfoundland dog has been said to appears at the memorial of John McNeill Boyd who died rescuing sailors at risk of drowning. His dog was said to have waited at his master’s grave until the day it died. Now it appears beside his memorial at the cathedral. A friendly ghost of sorts J

And of course, no discussion of Dublin is complete without the mention of a few of the local watering holes!

Even Dublin’s pub scene is not free of its Ghosts and Ghouls!

Davy Byrne’s Pub

People have claimed to see James Joyce reflection in the mirror on the main lounge in Davy Byrne’s bar on South Anne’s Street. This bar was heavily featured in Ulysses and was a favourite of the man himself.

Brazen Head

Famous for being the oldest pub in Ireland, the Brazen Head was often frequented by a rebel leader Robert Emmet, who used the pub for various meetings. And, even though he was executed in 1803, his ghost is said to remain in the pub, still looking out for the enemies.

Kavanagh’s in Glasnevin

The pub itself dates back to 1833 is named after its former landlord, John Kavanagh. The pub is commonly known as the Gravediggers, due to its close location to the Prospect Cemetery. The pub is also famous for its resident ghost, an old man dressed in an old-fashioned tweed suit who is sometimes seen sitting at a bar and then disappearing without a trace.

So! After all that… what better way to uncover your own darkside,  than to dress up and join the party in Alchem where Dance Decades keep us entertained until the wee witching hour! …








  • “a word, phrase, or expression characteristic of theIrish


They say the Emerald Isle shines with 40 shades of green, well the same can be said about the habits and ‘ticks’ of the Irish!


Whether it be Tayto sandwiches or the never ceasing battle of Lyons vs Barry’s, there are just some things that makes us, well, ultimately Irish!

For me, nothing defines our nation quite like our ‘gift of the gab’! We Irish, Dubliners in particular, love nothing more than the opportunity to voice our opinion and have a good chat!

We have, along the way, invented a tongue all of our own! No doubt a visitor in the city could easily become a little perplexed, so… for those planning a trip to this lovely little island, perhaps these translations may be of assistance!


  1. Good Morning– “Top of the morning to ye“, “Story horse
  2. Hello, how are you?– “What’s the story?” /“What’s the craic?
  3. Everything is good– “All’s Top drawer” / “Bleedin Deadly“,/ “I’m pulling the devil by the tail
  4. GoodBye– “I’ll love ye and leave ye
  5. Off you go– “On your bike
  6. House– ‘Gaff’
  7. The Boss– ‘The Gaffer
  8. A cup of tea– “Cup of scald
  9. Not a bit– ‘Not a screed
  10. Be Quiet– “Hold yer whist”
  11. An unattractive girl– “Not even the tide would take her out
  12. Be careful– “Sleep with yer good eye open
  13. Settling for very little– ‘Scraping the bottom of the barrell
  14. I have something to tell you– ‘C’mere till I tell ye
  15. Someone who has a grumpy face– ‘Face like a well chewed toffee
  16. Taste this– ‘Get yer laughing gear around this
  17. To have no luck– ‘sure ye couldn’t win an argument
  18. Messing or misbehaving– ‘acting the maggot
  19. To be embarrassed– ‘I was scarlet
  20. Your father– ‘ould fella
  21. Someone from the countryside– ‘Muck savage
  22. Someone from Dublin– ‘Jackeen
  23. Are you serious?– ‘Are you havin a laugh / Are you havin me on / Pull the other one


If the phrases weren’t confusing enough we also have our own slant on more commonly used expressions! Such as our complete and utter unawareness of time scales, e.g…absolutely EVERYTHING happened “the other day”. There is a high probability that the event in question happened weeks/months or even years ago!


So on that note, keep your eyes and ears open the next time you stroll through the city streets…

You might just find yourself returning home with a few Irishism’s all of your own 🙂



Shaken or Stirred?


With no confirmed birth date, the origins of the beloved ‘Cocktail’ are much disputed! First reports state the early 1800’s saw the first blend of alcohol and fruit juice!…Perhaps the mixologist enjoyed their own first sample so much they forgot to jot the date and time down!? We’ve all been there, lets face it! One fact remains true, however, we as a consuming public, cannot get enough!Pop culture has played an important role in the boom of cocktails, whether we see ourselves as a Bond type sipping suavely on a Martini or one of the Sex & the City girls discussing love and life over a Cosmopolitan, having a cocktail creates a sense of celebration!

Keeping that in mind, when faced with the challenge of planning a birthday party, hen/stag party, team building night or a reunion with friends, one can feel a little swamped! I can speak from personal experience, that nothing pleases a crowd like a Cocktail Masterclass! Fun, lively and interactive, a Cocktail Masterclass brings a group together and makes the perfect start or finish to a night out on the town!

Located in the heart of Dublin city, Buskers Bar is the ideal venue for learning the art of Cocktail Making!

The class begins with a welcome shot of your choice, getting the party started nicely! Our resident mixologist will then prepare a cocktail of your choosing whilst showing you all the tricks of the trade! Will it be a  a sweet Pina Colada? a bitter Singapore Sling? or a bubbly Bellini?… The choice is endless! After this, it’s your turn to show off your skills!

Our Cocktail Masterclass package is priced at €25 per person and includes a privately reserved area for the group and free admission to Alchemy nightclub! Party platters of finger food can also be arranged before, during or after the Cocktail Masterclass!



Cocktail class

For further information please contact or call (+353 86 662 9575)

Shaken or Stirred?